A Little History About Muscle Valley..A Real Place

   In 1997 I started Muscle Valley Performance Products in Kansas City. We were fortunate to be able to launch the very first genuine growth hormone releasing formula that year. Soon after we added more formulas and were well on our way to having a very successful sports nutrition company offering exclusive proprietary-only formulas.

    Our goal from the start is to provide reliable products using natural ingredients as opposed to re-working molecules to get around FDA rules. We see no need for doing that. Nature supplies everything we need to make exceptionally effective products. What is mentioned on our labels is in the capsule...no short-cuts or cheating. 
    Muscle Valley and its parent company, NutraSource Products, operated out of Kansas City for 18 years starting in 1997. We moved to Warsaw, MO in 2015.   

   Try us out. You'll be amazed and satisfied not only with the products but also with our customer service and prompt delivery time.

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